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Lunch and Learn with Wasteco

Questions and confusion about waste and recycling?  Or just want to join the conversation to ensure you are up to date? Then come join us this Friday from Noon to 1:00PM for a discussion about waste and recycling do’s, don’t s and myths with Wasteco at Dermalogica in suite 300.

There are prizes to be won and cookies and fruit will be provided to snack on but please bring your own lunch.


With the warmer weather becoming more frequent it’s time to dust off those bikes (if you haven’t already) and get them rolling.  Don’t like to bike? No problem, grab your favourite pair of walking shoes and off you go.  Put some exercise in your daily routine by adding biking or walking to your commute.  Not comfortable biking or walking to all the way to work or live too far away?  Take the TTC part of the way, choose a stop to get off before your normal one and bike (if you brought your bike by TTC) or walk the rest of the way.  If you drive, consider parking in a different location and walking or biking from there. You could also use the Bike Share Program offered by the city   Continue reading