Capital Projects

Building Automation System (BAS)

A BAS is a centralized network of hardware and software, which monitors and controls the environment in the building. At 720 King, the BAS controls the central mechanical system. The automation system is a tool to assist building management in managing the operational performance of the facility as well as the comfort of building occupants. The system automatically notifies building staff of any performance issues outside of normal operating parameters.


While all tenant electrical and mechanical electrical consumption is already metered, the building is working on expanding the metering system to provide system level metering of building equipment in order to better target and understand energy use on a building and tenant level.

LED Lighting

The building replaced all of the incandescent lamps (lightbulbs) in common areas with compact fluorescent lamps about 8 years ago. We are now reviewing options to replace all of the compact fluorescent lamps in the lobby, corridor and washroom lighting with LED lamps. A pilot is currently underway on the 3rd floor adjacent to Dermalogica’s suite.