Here you will find all the forms, signage and permit applications you’ll need to request contractor/service provider access, permissions for your suite renovation, track your waste and sustainable purchases for LEED purposes, and waste signage to accompany your bins.

Service/Maintenance Access Form

All contractors and service providers to be pre-authorized before being admitted into the building and your premises. Complete the form below and submit to the security desk. Any work more extensive than your authorized ongoing service and maintenance must be approved separately – please refer to the Tenant Design & Construction Manual in the next section.

Service Work Permit

Tenant Design & Construction Manual and Forms

All new designs or renovations to tenant spaces are to be completed by following the instructions outlined in the Tenant Design & Construction manual below.

Tenant Design & Construction Manual

Preliminary Design Submission Checklist

Final Design Submission Checklist

Prior to Construction Checklist

Completion of Construction Checklist

Hot Work Permit

Riser Access Form

Roof Access Form

LEED EBOM – Tenant Forms

Use the forms below to track waste that is not disposed of through the building’s waste program, including waste as a result of suite renovations, and all sustainable purchasing for durable goods.

LEED EBOM – Tenant Tracking Forms Information

Monthly Waste Tracking – Tenants

Facility Alterations Waste Diversion Table – Tenants

Durable Goods Tracking Form – Tenants

Multi-Stream Waste Posters

If you are setting up new bins in your suite, print the appropriate signs below and attach to your bin. This will help to ensure waste is disposed in the proper bins.

Waste Poster

Organics Poster

Paper Products Poster

Coffee Cups Poster

Bottles, Cans, Plastics Poster