COVID-19 return to work plan

Return To Work Pandemic Plan, from Kipling

During the days and weeks to come, we will all begin to navigate a post-COVID-19 world.

Over the last several weeks, The Kipling Group has been focused on preparing assets for the return of building occupants. Focal points include facility elements that tenants, and their employees may be concerned with as they return to offices and establish modified work environments. Our continuous meetings with building owners, tenants, Black & McDonald and other key vendor partners will ensure that all stakeholders are aligned in these challenging times. The Kipling Group will continue to monitor external conditions and requirements to ensure best practices are maintained in addition to updating protocols and systems when possible to mitigate COVID-19.

Return to normal may no longer exist. The “new normal” may involve guidance, primarily from government and health organizations. Health, safety, and the wellbeing of the people who use the building in any capacity will require shared responsibility. Faced with common challenges, owners and occupiers have a unique opportunity to come together in the true spirit of collaboration. We are already seeing it play out, and we believe there is no better path to successfully manage the complexity of the road that lies ahead.”

Read the full Kipling Return To Work Plan.