With the warmer weather becoming more frequent it’s time to dust off those bikes (if you haven’t already) and get them rolling.  Don’t like to bike? No problem, grab your favourite pair of walking shoes and off you go.  Put some exercise in your daily routine by adding biking or walking to your commute.  Not comfortable biking or walking to all the way to work or live too far away?  Take the TTC part of the way, choose a stop to get off before your normal one and bike (if you brought your bike by TTC) or walk the rest of the way.  If you drive, consider parking in a different location and walking or biking from there. You could also use the Bike Share Program offered by the city https://bikesharetoronto.com/.  It may seem like a lot of work to change your routine but the benefit to your health and wellbeing would be worth it.  If we all tried to cut down our commute (driving a shorter distance or getting off the TTC earlier) it could reduce rush hour traffic and TTC overcrowding as well as reduce carbon emissions.  Small steps do matter because we have to start somewhere.

With Toronto Bike Month Starting next week http://www.bikemonth.ca/toronto here’s your chance to warm up.

To help out 720 King Street West is teaming up with Velofix https://www.velofix.com/to get your bike in tip top shape for safety.  Got a question about your bike or want to bring your bike to the Bike Clinic tomorrow for some quick help, Velofix will be in the back parking lot (weather permitting) Wednesday May 24 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM to answer questions.  If your bike needs work or a tune-up you can make arrangements with Velofix to get it done.  720 is offering a 15% discount to the first 25 tenants who order a basic tune up.

Remember to share your participation and you could win a $50.00 Cineplex card* (see details on poster).  *note all winners will be posted at the end of May.