Bicycle in Toronto

Ride Your Bike, Walk the Block

Clean the Air

This week of health month, the challenge is to commute to work in ways that give you more exercise and are healthier for the planet. Self-powered modes of transportation keep tons of carbon out of the air. Cleaner air is also healthier for you – the benefits keep coming.

Win All Month!

Read on to learn how you could win one of two $50 Visa gift cards at the end of the month by showing us your power using #healthmonth or email or email us at

Walk, Bike or Kayak?

Try getting to work by a more self-powered method than usual, and show us how you did it. Have you tried riding your bike to work? The Dutch are on to something. How about a foot-powered scooter or rollerblades? Is walking feasible for you?

These may seem extreme, but there are people that actually kayak or run to work downtown. It takes a bit of planning, like having clean clothes and good nutrition available at the office, but it’s possible! If you commute in an extreme way, we would love to see it!

Start With Small Changes

Consider starting a new habit in smaller bites, like simply getting off the streetcar sooner and walking the last couple of blocks to the building, then increase by one stop every day. Walking is probably the least stressful way to travel: you are not stuck in traffic and you have time to mentally prepare for your day, or decompress on the way home.

Or, commit to riding your bike at least once this week. Ask some regular city cyclers for route and safety tips, then share them with us please.

Enjoy the Weather

This is the perfect time of year to try something new outdoors. The sunlight and warmer weather can be inspiring and energizing, especially after work. At that time you may also feel less rushed, so walking home can be a great way to start. Enjoy the light and warmth!

Show Us Your Power

This week you can win one of two $50 Visa gift cards by sharing with us your self-powered means of getting to/from work. Share photos of your bike or kayak, share great walking or biking routes through the city. Just use #healthmonth @720access or email us at and show us your power.

Walking the block in Toronto