COVID-19 return to work plan

Supporting Your Comeback, from Triovest

We believe that effective communication between our tenants and the property management team is essential in coordinating a successful transition back to your workspace. We are committed to understanding the needs of our tenants and will continue to review your reintegration plans with you and address any concerns you may have to ensure your continued comfort and safety. We will continue to assess our Tenant Reintegration Plan and will adapt in response to changing needs and continuous improvement. A collaborative effort will ensure the best outcomes in maintaining building safety.

Read Triovest’s Reintegration Guide to learn what is being done to prepare the building, changes to janitorial services, mechanical and building systems, security and life safety, and more. The guide also provides tenant workplace tips, links to COVID-19 health resources and other helpful information for preparing the workplace for re-entry.

Download the Supporting Your Comeback: Tenant Reintegration Guide