Join the 25% Challenge

Our 2013 waste audit indicated we were recycling just over 50% of the waste in the building. The Green Council created The 25% Challenge to increase the recycling rate to 75%, which asked for your help to make sure recyclable waste ended up in the right bin. The results: together we increased our recycling to 77% in 2014, and the waste audit for 2015 shows that we have maintained our recycling rate. Read more about the 25% Challenge below, and the results of the challenge. You can also find out more about our Multi-Stream Waste Program.

What’s the 25% Challenge at 720 King?

According to the latest waste audit, 720 King West is only diverting half of its waste away from landfill sites. Half is good but we can do better. That’s why your Green Council and Triovest Realty Advisors Inc. created the 25% challenge.

Why aren’t we diverting more waste?

Right now, many waste items are being put into the wrong bins —cans and paper mixed together, food waste tossed in waste bins, and coffee cups not going in their own special bin (yes, there is a special bin now).

People want to do the right thing but figuring out what bins to use can be confusing, particularly because the multi-stream waste diversion program at 720 King is not the same as most municipal programs.

What’s our goal?

Our goal is at the end of 3 months to increase waste diversion by 25%. Because it’s hard to picture what that looks like, we’ve compared the amount to the weight of 10 elephants!

Here’s the math: The total amount of waste created at 720 King in one year is 223,658 kilograms. Currently we are diverting about 52%, or 116,302 kg away from landfill sites. So our goal is to convert 58,151 kg or 25% more.

How are we going to do this?

When you use the correct bin, you make the difference between sending the waste to landfills or moving waste into productive recycling streams. The 25% Challenge is designed help everyone learn what bins to use and the difference between garbage and waste. You’ll become the experts!

• We’ll help you figure out what goes where.
• By taking part in the challenge, you’ll make a big difference.

And the fun stuff…

Watch for fun facts and information about why waste diversion matters and how easy it is to take part.

• Special notices to help learn the difference between one bin and another!
• Events and displays in the building
• Factoids and announcements
• Quizzes, even prizes