Walk, climb and move

Walk, Climb and Move

Renew your energy

This week of health month, we want to get you moving around more during the day and saving resources while you do it.

Win by Climbing!

Join us this week for a stair-climbing challenge! Stay tuned for which day, but everyone who enters will be entered in a draw to win a great prize.*

Movement is energizing

Many of us work at computers all day which means our muscles grow cold and our hearts slow down. Getting up regularly to move around gets your blood pumping and re-energizes your body and mind for the rest of the work day. Getting up regularly also helps avoid back and neck aches, plus things like carpal tunnel syndrome which are often caused by being in one position and doing the same motion for too long.

Energizing ideas

An easy way to get more exercise in an office building like 720 is to take the stairs. They are indoors – so no weather issues, and free to access. Just adding two flights a day helps manage weight and contributes to overall fitness and saves the elevators’ energy. That’s why we are challenging you to a stair climb.

Other ideas include planning for a brisk midday walk, fitness class or gym visit. You’ll return for the afternoon with renewed energy. Combat the mid-afternoon slump by walking around the block – turn off your equipment and get outside for ten minutes. Why not lead your office in some old-fashioned calisthenics?

Show us your energy

We would love to see how you renew your energy during the day while working at 720 Access. Include what resources you saved while doing it, like shutting down your computer). Share photos or tips with #healthmonth @720access or email us at 720@greenreason.ca.

*Participants must work in the building.