Waste Campaign – The 25% Challenge

Last year’s waste audit revealed that we were only diverting half of our waste from the landfill sites. While that was a good start, we thought that we could do better than half. That is why our Green Council and Triovest Realty Advisors Inc. created the 25% Challenge.


Were we successful? Read on and find out!

We all want to do the right thing, but figuring out which bins to use can be confusing. Especially because the multi-stream waste diversion program at 720 King is different from most municipal programs we use at home. Many of the items were being put in the wrong bins — cans and plastic placed in the paper recycling bins, food waste thrown into the waste bins, and coffee cups placed everywhere but their own special bin.

Our goal was to increase the waste diversion, in a three month period, by 25%. What does that mean to you? Here’s the math: The total amount of waste created at 720 King in one year is 223,658 kilograms. That weight is comparable to the weight of 10 elephants! As of our last waste audit, we were diverting about 52%, or 116,302 kg away from the landfill sites. So our goal was to divert another 58,151 kg which is 25% more.



Our latest waste audit revealed that…

WE DID IT! Colbert & Kermit

We improved our waste diversion in three months by exactly 25%, with a final diversion rate of 77%. Congratulations to all of us for our efforts!


Does this mean we can take our foot off the gas? No. Though we accomplished our goal, we all must continue to make an effort to keep our momentum, and improve our waste diversion from the landfill sites. Every single piece of waste that is put into the correct bin, makes a difference.WantedPostersDecals_v3