Waste Reduction Week Canada Continues

Something helpful you can do here at 720 is learn about the waste program, to ensure you are putting waste items in the right bins. It’s not the same as your municipal pick-up. This will help divert waste from landfill and make everyone more aware.
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The official daily themes carry on to Sunday https://wrwcanada.com and are full of doable ideas.

Friday: Food Waste

Many people tut-tut about food waste because they see the money they spent on it going into the trash. We might connect guilt over food waste to knowledge that people are suffering from famine elsewhere in the world. There’s more to it: did you know that food waste in landfill directly contributes to global warming as it rots and releases methane gas? Top things you can do are: practice proper meal planning to help ensure you eat what you buy, get creative with leftovers and compost the rest. Learn more and take the Food Waste Pledge!

Saturday: Swap, Share and Repair

Easy access and lower prices often make tossing items and replacing them with new ones a more convenient option. When we make an effort to keep our stuff in use by swapping, sharing or repairing instead, we keep more of it out of landfill. We can do this with almost anything: clothing, accessories, furniture, household appliances, etc. You can even organize a neighbourhood event! Remember, one person’s trash is another’s treasure!

Look for great swap, share and repair resources on Waste Reduction Week Canada’s website.

Sunday: E-Waste

The measure of global e-waste was into the millions of tonnes last year, and only about 20% was recycled. With rapidly advancing technology, it’s no wonder people are replacing their gadgets so frequently. That’s why it’s the perfect candidate for the circular economy. Our electronics can be designed from the beginning to have a longer life and keep them out of landfill. Besides looking for products designed this way, you can help by recycling responsibly. Municipal programs often don’t offer e-waste pickups. Look for electronics stores that collect for recycling, collection events like one put on by Boy Scouts of Canada, or even organize your own collection event. Remember, e-waste isn’t just our phones and computers, it’s also vacuum cleaners, TVs, microwaves – anything you plugin or that runs on batteries!

Read about e-waste resources.

Be a Waste Reduction Champion, One Step at a Time

Thinking about everything that can and should be done to reduce waste can be overwhelming, especially when you see it all in one week. However, you can make a big difference making small changes over time. Looking at the daily themes, ask yourself ‘What is one thing I can change about my waste habits today?’ Then add another in a few days. Adopting a new habit (like simply remembering your reusable coffee traveller or bamboo utensils) takes commitment, but once you start it will change your mindset and additional changes become easier and easier.