Putting waste in the correct bin

What to Put Where at 720

We know all of you here at 720 Access care about the environment and one huge way you can help is by getting waste into the right stream so less goes into landfill. It can be hard to know/remember what goes where because private pick-up companies and municipal rules can be different.

Lead by Example

To help you know what to put where, Wasteco has kindly supplied posters that can be found on our Multi-Stream Waste Program page. These small posters are easy to print on 8.5×11 paper. We encourage you to print and post them around your office if you would like to help yourself and your colleagues keep more out of landfills and ensure waste diversion efforts are supported.

The Effort is Well Worth It

If you take the time to both learn what goes where and then to build a habit of separating and cleaning (where needed) your waste, you can make a big difference, You can lead by example and, simply by putting these posters up around or on waste bins, make it easier for others too.

Important to Know

It’s not just about keeping waste that might be processed in a more responsible and useful way from going into landfill, it’s also about keeping the recycling and organics streams free of contamination that might render a whole load unusable. That means emptying and rinsing food containers before recycling, ensuring only food waste goes in organics, coffee cups go in the trash (they are not paper), etc.

Contamination trashes the efforts of everyone who works hard to do it correctly. Use these posters to spread the knowledge of how waste should be sorted here at 720 Access. And keep up the great work!