Healthier lunch choice

What You Eat Matters

Eat Smart / Waste Less

This week, the challenge is to make food choices that are healthier for both you and the planet. Read on to learn how you could win one of two $50 Visa gift cards at the end of the month.

Win All Month!

Read on to learn how you could win one of two $50 Visa gift cards at the end of the month by showing us your power using #healthmonth or email or email us at

Healthier means making nutritious and sustainable choices around what you put in your body and considering waste associated with your food choices.

Eating Smarter

Foods that are rich in nutrients and low in high glycemic carbs and baddies like saturated fats will help you get through your work day with more energy and higher mental alertness. Many people benefit from several meals a day: snacks mid-morning and afternoon help keep us going on an even keel and prevent impulsive, unhealthy choices at lunch.
Variety is the key to making sure we cover all the nutritional bases. Eating smart doesn’t just mean more veggies (but, the more the merrier), it also means varying the kinds of all foods such as different grains. Ever tried quinoa? Try different sources of protein or some exotic fruit. Things like fries should be an occasional side… make room for something new

Reduce Waste Around Food

We are now more aware of skipping the straw or refusing a plastic bag. Consider everything that comes with a meal we purchase – packaging and excess food. Besides container waste, food rotting in landfill directly contributes to climate change. So, if you never eat the side of slaw, tell the shop not to include it, saving the food waste and the little plastic cup. Take lunch back to the office and use metal cutlery (if available) to save the plastic. Or consider bringing your own cutlery – many sets include straws. Bring your own coffee mug or drink/dine in with reusable crockery.
Bringing lunch and snacks from home is often healthier than takeout. Be wary of how much and how you transport it. If you have a habit of bringing too much and you can’t take it back home, leading to a trip to the organics bin, try to reduce what you pack. Then, choose paper over plastic bags, tin or glass over plastic containers, metal cutlery instead of plastic. However, anything that is reusable versus disposable is best.

Try Something New This Week

This is your big challenge this week: try something new. Most fast food places do have healthy choices on the menu. Make how it is packaged part of your decision: sometimes salads come in big plastic boxes when a wrap would just be in paper. Go somewhere new entirely to try a new meal. Choose by looking for somewhere with more sustainable packaging and start asking managers or head office at your favourite restaurants to consider better packaging if they haven’t already. Try something new in your bagged lunch: a new and healthy option or testing out less wasteful packaging.

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