Yoga during the day

Breathe Deep and Stretch

Power Down to Power Up

This week of health month your challenge is to take time during your day to relax your body and clear your mind. Show us how you relax, stretch and breathe at work and you could win passes to local fitness or yoga classes* (stay tuned for details). Use #healthmonth @720access or email us at Watch for a tea giveaway in the lobby this week as well!

Why so tense?

The commute to work alone can be stressful, especially if you drive. You arrive at your desk tense with lots to do and start working at a frenetic pace. Your muscles tighten, your breathing becomes shallower. The blue light from electronics stimulates racing brains even more. This physical tension adds mental stress and stops you from performing and feeling your best.

How to do it.

Turn off your monitor, shut off your personal electronics and do some deep belly breathing at your desk a couple times during the day. Get up and move around to get the blood flowing, then do some gentle stretches. Learn a couple meditation or mindfulness exercises to relax and focus your racing mind. Take an early morning or lunch time yoga class to combine breathing and stretching in a relaxing environment.

Surprising Power

These low-key activities may sound mellow, but you will be amazed how powered-up you feel for the rest of your day. And, having shut-down the contributing factors like electronics to focus on this is good for the environment – win-win.

Show us how you do it and WIN!

Share with us how you power down to power up, how you breathe deep and stretch during the day and you could win passes to local fitness or yoga classes. Share photos or tips with #healthmonth @720access or email us at We’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

See the post from Health Month 2016 for more great tips.

*You must work in the building to win.