Health Month 2017

How to Build a Better You

720 King West is asking for 30 days to help build a better you by making small changes in your workday habits that will benefit your physical health, and mental wellbeing. This May brings you 4 weeks of healthy activity challenges that focus on building a healthier, happier version of you. These challenges also promote sustainable choices that help to build a better building environment for ourselves, as well as benefit our community and our planet.

Week One – May 1




There are so many choices available for lunch, whether we bring it from home or grab a bite from a local restaurant. Make smart choices for your health and help to reduce the amount of waste brought into the building by keeping lunch litter to a minimum.

Week Two – May 8




Challenge yourself or make it a group effort! Walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator. How many stairs can you climb in one week? Join us in our Lunchtime Stair Climb for fun and great prizes. You can also join our exercise class for that extra boost of energy to get you through your day.

Week Three – May 15




Reducing stress not only benefits your mental wellbeing, it helps you to maintain focus for a job well done. Power down and leave your desk behind for 30-60 minutes to take some time for yourself. Join us at one of our lunchtime classes to help you stretch and meditate. Meet a friend for lunch, or just sit quietly and breathe. Whatever you do, do it for you.

Week Four – May 22




Leave the car behind and walk or ride a bike. If you commute to work on public transit, get off a few stops early and walk a few blocks or bike the rest. Explore the neighbourhood with your coworkers on your lunch break. Any activity will do, as long as you use two feet and a heartbeat to help keep the air clean.

Check back weekly for activity ideas and tips on how to build a better you.

What will you do this month for the health of it?