Our Multi-Stream Recycling and Waste Program

In many municipalities, all recycling goes into one bin, but here at 720 King, we use a multi-stream recycling program. This type of program reduces contamination and helps ensure more recyclables are actually making it back into the manufacturing process to become new items.

In 2013, 720 King West put occupants to the test with the 25% Challenge to help increase our diversion rate. A diversion rate determines how much waste is sent for recycling as opposed to landfill. We succeeded! Our diversion rate of 52% increased to 77%, and through the continued efforts of the building occupants and management, it has been maintained to date.

To take the confusion out of what goes where, here is a list of the various bins. You will find posters located near each of the waste/recycling bins in your suites, as well as in public areas throughout the building, to help you along the way.

Paper Products

Just for paper (newspapers and magazines, empty file folders and envelopes, paper bags and cardboard boxes like empty pizza boxes and boxboard). See details >
Note: All work documents should be shredded.
NOT FOR: Paper napkins, paper towels, tissues and bubblewrap (they go in the waste/garbage bin) or coffee cups (they go in the dedicated coffee cup bins).

Bottles, Cans, Plastics

Just for empty beverage containers (pop cans, plastic and glass bottles, milk cartons, and tetra paks such as juice boxes). Metal food cans are also accepted. Check your plastic containers for a number inside a triangle, any numbers from 1 to 7 can be placed in the bin, but not plastic bags. See details >
NOT FOR: Any type of coffee cup, styrofoam or food waste.

Organic Food Waste

Just for all food waste (fruit and vegetable peels and cores, leftover lunch items such as bread and cheese, as well as junk food like candies and cookies). This bin is not a vegetarian, so you should also use it for meat and bones. See details >
Note: Be sure to take all the food out of its container – no bags or baggies, no paper or plastic wrappers, and no plastics or Styrofoam containers
NOT FOR: Napkins and plastic cutlery (they go in the waste/garbage bin)

Coffee Cups

Take-a-way coffee cups are a mix of materials that cannot currently be recycled and they go in the waste/garbage bin. The coffee cup bins at 720 were part of a pilot project for a small market Wasteco had found for cups with paper in them, however, it did not last. Coffee cups can still go in the coffee cup bins and they will be put with waste (landfill) upon collection.
Note: Paper and cardboard sleeves should be removed and put in the paper products bin and plastic lids put in the plastics recycling.


This is for whatever is left after you separate out your recyclable items, also known as ‘garbage’ (plastic bags, Styrofoam cups and food containers, paper towels, etc.) See details >
Note: There are bins for bottles and cans and food waste, so keep them out of this bin.

E-waste and Batteries

Our building also collects E-waste and all types of batteries separately so they can be recycled safely. E-waste includes any electrical equipment and printer/toner cartridges.
If you have any of these items, the e-waste bin is located in the corridor by the Dentist’s office, through the double wooden doors.

Waste Posters

Here are some waste posters supplied by Wasteco for your office space to assist staff when sorting their waste. By merely putting the proper waste in the proper bins, we can do our part in diverting recycling from our landfill sites.

Garbage Program





Waste Poster

Organic Waste





Organics Poster

Paper Waste Poster





Paper Products Poster

Container Waste





Bottles, Cans, Plastics Poster