Join the Stair Challenge – April 4 to 8

Count the stairs, not elevator stops – conserve electricity

Health is not the only thing that benefits from climbing the stairs. It can also save you a great amount of time and reduce energy consumption. It’s sometimes much faster to take the stairs, especially during peak times when elevators take a long time to arrive on your floor. It is also good for the environment because it reduces energy consumption.

Why take the stairs?

  • Using the stairs burns twice as many calories as walking
  • Regular stair users have greater leg strength and aerobic capacity than non-climbers
  • Taking the stairs is often faster than waiting for the elevator
  • Stair climbing can increase bone density and help prevent osteoporosis
  • Stair climbing can help with weight loss, reduced blood pressure, and cholesterol
  • Walking up the stairs burns almost 5 times more calories than riding an elevator
  • Reduces energy consumption

Tips to incorporate stair climbing into your daily routine:

  • Challenge your colleagues to take part in the Stair Challenge
  • Start slowly: climb two flights per day at the beginning and gradually increase the number of flights
  • If your office is located on a higher floor, take the elevator two or three flights below your designated floor and walk the rest of the way up

Stair climbing health and safety tips:

  • Take your time and watch your step
  • Breathe: stair climbing uses large lower body muscle groups and provides a great cardiovascular challenge. Steady breathing throughout your climb will provide oxygen to your muscles and help fuel them to move on

Apps to help you track your progress:

Noom Walk Pedometer on Android or Apple
Runtastic Pedometer Lite on Android or Apple
Accupedo Pedometer on Android or Apple
Fitbit (wristband and app required)

Share Your Participation!

Take a photo of your stair climbing activities and share it with us, and you could win a $50 Prepaid Visa!* You can post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by email. When posting on Twitter or Instagram, be sure to follow us and use the hashtag #720healthmonth. Taking a group photo? Email us the names of the participants along with the photo, and each person will be entered into the draws.

Participants who share photos from all activities during the month of April are eligible. Winners will be selected and announced on the website on Friday, May 6th. Please provide your name and the name of your employer at 720 King West.









Twitter: @720access #720healthmonth

Instagram: 720access #720healthmonth

*Please note that this contest is open to occupants of 720 King West only. You must be employed in the building at the time the winners are announced.