Waste Reduction Week at 720

Waste Bin

It’s waste reduction week in Canada. It is really a year-round program, but this week is about raising awareness and promoting ideas that change behaviour.

What Can You Do?

We know from the waste reduction work we’ve done here in the building it can be confusing. Commercial pick-up is different from home – which itself can vary from one municipality to another. The best thing you can do anywhere is to reduce material consumption. Period.

Waste Reduction Tips

The official daily themes on wrwcanada.com are full of great ideas.

Monday: Learn about the Circular Economy

The traditional economy (linear) is all about designing products that get thrown in the garbage once they are used, like coffee pods. The circular economy is a reasonably new concept where products are designed with materials, in such a way that the product or materials can be used over and over. As a consumer, you can look for products produced with this goal in mind, support companies with take-back programs or buy refurbished.
Learn more here.

Tuesday: All About Textiles

We are becoming more aware that synthetic fabrics have a lot of material (plastic) that never breaks down. Even natural fibers cause a problem by merely finding their way to landfill. The best thing you can do is working to extend the life of textiles by repairing before replacing, donating wearable clothes and recycling unwearable clothes. When shopping, choosing clothes of higher quality natural fibers and avoiding trends so they last longer is a great idea.
Here are some great textile resources.

Wednesday: Champions and Innovators

One of the best ways to raise awareness and feel more positive – like you can make a difference is to learn how real people are making a difference. Shout out that you are participating in Waste Reduction Week In Canada, share your own efforts, get inspired by stories from other champions, like in this video.

Thursday: Learn the Truth About Plastics

We’ve seen the statistics like only 25% of plastics get recycled and know it’s not a sustainable option. When you hear things like every plastic toothbrush ever made still exists somewhere, it helps brings the impact and permanency of the problem home. We can come right back to the circular economy. There are many products being produced from recycled plastics and innovative alternatives to plastic being explored. Seek out and support them. Learn how small changes in your daily life can have an impact. Be part of the movement to stop additional production.
Learn more about plastics.

Watch for another post about Waste Reduction week and how you can make a difference.